All this is full, all that is full.

--from the Isha Upanishad invocation

Yoga  teaches us that we are inherently complete and perfect, and that the work is to come to realize that once again. I teach from this goal in my own practice and use movement and meditation to move myself and my students along the path to this realization. 

Upcoming Workshops

Bi-weekly Asana Intensives
@ BIG Power Yoga - Memorial from 3-5 PM: Intermediate Advanced.
Please check the schedule for upcoming intensives.

Take Flight: An Arm Balancing Series
Join me for a three-part series on Arm Balances, my personal favorite category of yoga poses. Famous yogi BKS Iyengar said that balancing on the arms teaches you tolerance, which is absolutely true! You'll also learn how to harness your your inner power to find flight and the humility to approach the postures with reverence. Take one session or two or (recommended) all three.

Sign up on the BIG Power Yoga website.

October 20 / October 27 / November 3
2-5 PM
BIG Power Yoga - Montrose
$110 all sessions / members, $125 all sessions / future members
$40 each session / members, $45 each session / future members